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CAMP X Tradecraft: CXT

The CXT Evolution System…

The Camp X Tradecraft student will progress through the following levels of Protection and Combatives skill sets. The focus of CXT is entirely on the short-duration/high-retention installment of an actual, practical functional skill set as opposed to possessing large collections of “techniques” for self-defence or sport purposes.

CXT Operator Personal Protection

CXT Dynamic Control Tactics

CXT Close-Quarter Combatives

CXT Improvised Tactical Strategies

The CXT system philosophy recognizes that there is a large percentage of people who engage in martial or sport related training BECAUSE they desire to possess an actual protective skill set. Many experience the dynamic of having to learn traditional or sportive forms before they are taught elements that are focused on their personal protection or truly functional applications of different levels of force.

CXT reverses this equation… the psychological, physiological and legal elements of force…

Students immediately have installed in them a proven professional self-protection method which includes psychological, physiological and Use of Force legal dynamics. Once they have graduated from this process and should they wish to train on a regular basis, the door is opened to them to learn and train in the Control Tactics method and then in traditional Camp X tradecraft taught by Bill Underwood (Combato and Defendo) and William Fairbairn (Close Quarter Combat) and contributions made by others from that era… Pat O’Neill (The O’Neill System - The Devil’s Brigade”) and Gordon Perrigard (Awrology).

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CXT is “tradecraft” focused and not “warrior culture combatives” or Sports

Based on the original concept of having to train Agents in a very short time to possess skills that MUST work in a real world environment.

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CXT Operator Personal Protection Training

An unprecedented method of installing an actual protective skill set within literally hours which is immediately functional spontaneously within 360 degree Open Space, Trapped against Walls and Seated. This method is extremely low profile, requires very little practice to maintain the skill set is designed for complete functionality within super confined spaces and should one be injured or energy depleted. A Counter Weapon Strategy and Combat Ground Extraction provide anyone with an extremely functional skill set within a short period of time. No athletic background or prior experience required. This method began from a CAMP X traditional mindset but has been developed extensively and proven effective within the current Special Operations Community.

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CXT Dynamic Control Tactics

With the unique CXT Operator Personal Protection method installed students are now ready to progress to FUNCTIONAL subject control tactics. The integration of this method with the most linear, practical controls installs a far more functional skill set than standard Jiu Jitsu applications. This has been proven in current operational environments by professionals doing the job. Controls range from complete tactile options to limb, wrist to small digit controls with unique operator extraction or re-purchase options should subjects resist control.

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Close-Quarter Combatives

Aggressive force options training is a final third of core training focus. Students are now introduced of an integration of the CXT Operator Personal Protection method with traditional Camp X Tradecraft from the likes of Underwood, Fairbairn and other “Camp X Cousins” from that era such a O’Neil and Perrigard. The past now connects with the future and students understand the greatness of past strategies but are taught how to integrate them into a modern context.

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Improvised Tactical Strategies

The Improvised Tactical Strategies module continues an integration of the Operator Personal Protection method with the inclusion of a very unique method of utilizing any common object which can be placed in the hands for protective, control or aggressive force purposes. The majority of “weapons of opportunity” programs are focusing on simply striking with the object in hand. The CXT ITS program is FAR more comprehensive and practical and includes the use of essentially all common objects arranged in applicable attribute groupings. Keys, pens, jackets, belts, umbrellas, walking canes… you name it… it will be integrated. Starting with the concepts developed by Bill Underwood… this method has been advanced to a far greater level of application for a modern approach.