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We remember them and their dedication to the spirit of honour, freedom and defiance to the darkness…

If you are a contributing member of the CXT Network and you have a relative who served in Law Enforcement or Military… we are proud to honour them here as honourary CXT members.

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Herbert Cressman
RCAF Flight Officer 437 Husky Squadron

Herb Cressman: CXTHM001
Herb (with sister-in-law Edna Cressman) was shot down piloting an Anson on return vector during OPERATION MARKET GARDEN in September of 1944. Known as a “scrapper” and was in trouble more than one for daring maneuvers with an aircraft, we honour the fighting spirit he lived by.

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Ronald Gibbins
RCAF Bomber Tailgunner, 2 European Tours

Ronald Gibbins: CXTHM002
Ronny survived 2 full tours of duty in the tail position in Europe and was about to engage in a third in the Pacific theatre when his first wife threatened him with divorce. (2 was enough!) Was a part of many high-stress missions including crawling through the aircraft to assist the co-pilot in landing as all others were dead from enemy fire. In 2000 Ron was one of 5 men known alive in North America who served 2 tours in that position. Ron passed in 2002. We honour his memory and fighting spirit.

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Sandy Sanders

Sandy Sanders: CXTHM003
Sandy was an RAF pilot recruited in 1943 and over the course of his time learned to fly Tiger Moths, Cornell and Harvards. Sandy was fairly quickly sent to Canada and trained in both Saskatchewan and at 3 S.F.T.S in Calgary (Service flying training school). Calgary was home for him for some time where some fun was had in the air… even buzzing some local railway lines to the terror of some locals. Today his aircraft can still be found at its original location. We honour Sandy for his dedication to win the war in the air which was key to the Allied success.

Norman Trundel D Sanders GF RAF Clerk copy.jpeg

Norman Trundle

Norman Trundle: CXTHM004
Norman was an administration team member with the Rear Headquarters of the Tactical Air Force Group who outdistanced the main unit into Holland. Finding themselves without any Allied support the men fought and held their position with small arms until assistance arrived. We appreciate the tenacity and grit thrown down by the boys in the face of enemy threat. CXT honours Norman for his service and fighting spirit.