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CXT HYDRA, CAMP X Transmissions…

Updates on training, Self-Protection, Control Tactics and Combatvies training lectures,
Camp X history briefs, articles on training past and present, Student resources…

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London Calling! Transmissions from professionals within the network from the UK on all related CXT training, history and subject matter.

The CXT Underwood Network Mission:
The mission of the CXT Operator Network is to provide a place of community for Camp X Tradecraft - CXT students and enthusiasts. Yes, we realize its not the 1940’s but a with an attempt at a little fun we have built a culture around our CXT organization that allows members to dial in to the Underground Network to transmit and receive information around all that we do.

Amazing CAMP X history… The BSC, SOE, OSS, the History of James Bond and the CIA and Allied Special and Black Operations
Most that are involved in the network have a real passion for amazing Western Special and Black Ops history and training.

When you dial into the network you become a part of…
CXT Training Information and Updates from all CXT “STS” schools internationally
Protection, Control Tactics, Use of Force and Combatives educational broadcasts
Professional Law Enforcement and Military subject matter broadcasts from Network members
Tactical firearms information and culture - coming in 2019
History briefs, broadcasts, photos and video
Camp X Artifacts and their history
Constant current articles on training and history
Information on CAMP X Cousins… Specialized org’s, agencies and subject matter connected to Camp X, WW2 and our Special and Black Ops history.

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The CAMP X Review…

Transmitting awareness of CAMP X movies, television and related projects and linking it to the real history…

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CAMP X related history articles and features…

Internationally a network of CXT students and enthusiasts send articles an features related to Camp X… the BSC, SOE, OSS, “Camp X Cousins” and many others areas of related subject matter….

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International Training schedule and updates for STS CXT Training Locations…

Beginning across Canada and in the UK we are posting training seminar information and updates as 2019 is our big launch.

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Training Notes from the CAMP X Barn…

Training features, articles for students and enthusiasts who keep reading and researching. Contributor are welcome!

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CAMP X Artifacts…

CXT has in its secret vault a major collection of CAMP artifacts and the community who has them. Features are posted regularly on these amazing items from STS #103.

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A direct connection… a direct lineage…

CXT works closely with the world’s expert on CAMP X … Lynn Philip Hodgson and has developed and proven within the current Special Operations community a modern training method with heritage directly back to the Camp.

Lynn Philip Hodgson… 42 years of research on CAMP X, 11 Books, has more original documents and photos from the Camp than any official organization, consultant to more Government agencies on Camp X than any other.