CXT Lineage

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The founder and designer of CXT while searching for a Canadian system of combatives in the 1990’s, discovered and then played a key role in the revival of the life work of Canadian Combatives pioneer Bill Underwood and his COMBATO and DEFENDO systems. This work led him through research to discover Underwood’s connection to the SOE’s CAMP X. In resurrecting the work of Underwood and getting highly involved with leading CAMP X expert, Lynn Philip Hodgson, he began to interface with a variety of the different elements that were connected with the Camp and began to intersect with professional agencies who requested his input on Special Operations history. This process led to requests to develop a new and modern approach from this background for current day professional Operators and CXT was born.

For coming up on 15 years the CXT method was developed and delivered to international elite Special Forces, Law Enforcement Special Operations and Government assets.

The method has now come full-circle and elements of it are being delivered to the general public.

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Birthed from the desperation of the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940, Winston Churchill signed for the establishment of the Special Operations Executive as a branch of MI6. Sir Colin Gubbins became the operational head of European operations while “The Quiet Canadian” Sir William Stephenson (arguably the real James Bond) spearheaded North, Central and South American operations from the Rockefeller Center, New York.

One of Stephenson’s immediate projects was to establish an elite, top secret training school for spies, secret agents, saboteurs and assassins and Oshawa, Ontario Canada was chosen for its location. So highly classified was it that the Canadian Prime Minister was not briefed on the project. Camp X was the birthplace of the James Bond legacy as Ian Fleming was trained at the Camp and visited New York and Oshawa multiple times during WW2 as a member of British Naval Intelligence. Camp X was also the birthplace of all CIA training and tradecraft and was a milestone training location for other agencies such as the FBI.

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The definitive work on Camp X by Lynn Philip Hodgson… Message us to purchase a copy…

The definitive work on Camp X by Lynn Philip Hodgson… Message us to purchase a copy…