STS Group: What is unique about us? 

STS Group is a unique, elite team of former Tier 1 SOF operators and instructors who represent operational and training experience from across the Allied “5-Eyes” (Canada, US, UK, Australia and New Zealand) network. Supporting operational team members of STS Group include former specialists from the Government Intelligence and the Law Enforcement Special Operations sectors. Like its heritage in the Special Operations Executive’s, 

STS #103 a.k.a CAMP X... it represents a roster of chosen Allied specialists with a cross- section of experience and vantage points on Special Operations related skill sets. 

An unparalleled lineage to the birth of western unconventional warfare... 

STS Group has direct lineage to CAMP X... the world’s most highly classified training facility for Spies, Secret Agents and Saboteurs outside European Theatre in WW2. Established in Canada in 1941 by the the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) and under the direction of Sir William Stephenson head of The British Security Coordination (BSC), CAMP X was the birthplace of the entire James Bond legacy, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and was an original advanced training source for J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI assets. CAMP X was the birthplace of modern, western unconventional warfare. 

Corporate Security Services: 
STS Group offers a full array of physical and technical security related services to “Tier 1” professional, corporate clients and organizations and their networks. Close and Executive Level Protection, Physical and Electronic Security, Computer and Communications related Security and creative solutions should they we required. Consult with us. Let us know what your problems areas are. 

Tier 1 Shooting and Tactical Skill Sets: 

Evolved from the combined Tier 1 Special Forces experience of recently former operators from across the Allied 5 Eyes network... pistol, carbine, sniping, CQB, breaching, driving, hostile environment, surveillance and related skill sets are available to be taught at various levels to current Military, Law Enforcement and Government assets. Scalable or applicable components are available to corporate and related organizational assets. 

The CXT (Camp X Tradecraft) Professional Self-Protection, Survival and Combatives Platform:

STS Group boasts a internationally recognized, unique and proprietary hand-to-hand, Professional Self-Protection platform that is currently being taught to elite Tier 1 Special Forces, Government Agencies and Law Enforcement Special Operations profiles. This method is NOT a regurgitated MMA or standard “punch-kick” self-defense or combatives approach but it is a unique “operator tradecraft” method that can literally be learned in hours... once learned requires extremely minimal maintenance training... works immediately for smaller male and female operators... is designed to be not only “low profile” but “sanitized”... is highly designed

for super confined space environments (urban structures, planes, trains, automobiles etc.. and can even function should the operator be energy depleted or injured. This method has proven to be the fastest of its kind internationally in installing an actual skill set in even students who have no previous training or athletic background. 

Based on an “Unconvential, Agent Training philosophical platorm birthed at CAMP X, formerly only available inside the Special Operations commuity... CXT is now made available as well to corporate and civilian related clients. 

The HYDRA Hybrid Firearms and Hand to Hand Integrated Tactical Training Platform: 
A “tip of the hat” to the legendary encrypted communications system developed in Canada at CAMP X by Pat Baily which had twice the power of the legendary German Enigma... and was never broken... They HYDRA hybrid proprietary system is the first of its kind to take a student in a short period of time and train them in the immediate development of BOTH firearms and hand to hand skills within 1 training method. After only hours of training students begin to fluidly function within high-level shooting structures and efficient hand to hand capability. Making sense of the confusion... the HYDRA hybrid system communicates to the student in an extermely unique way how to internalize both of these skills sets in a remarkably short period of time. 

The Rebirth of STS #103, CAMP X... a modern tactical training facility for current Special Operations and Corporate related assets:

The vision of STS Group has been the rebirth of a modern CAMP X to service the current Allied professional community and to open doors of access to chosen corporate and civilian entities within its specialized network. 

Targetted for a 1000 acres of property in British Columbia, CAMP X will boast a massive landscape for all related training necessities including on site accomodation and organizational related administration. Pistol, Carbine, Sniping, indoor and outdoor ranges, CQB, driving, rappelling, patrolling, Hand to Hand Combat, Surveillance with air access for a variety of creative training scenarios. Classrooms, briefing areas, conference centre and accomodation will be available on-site including a replica CAMP X building layout and museum for visitors to truly experience the birthplace of western unconventional warfare. 

Discreetly enclosed in the vastness and shadows of the British Columbia landscape, CAMP X will become a chosen training destination and retreat for those wishing to connect elite training with our historical beginnings in the world of secret and unconventional warfare.